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Bread 🥖

Freshly baked fresh bread is pure heaven & a gift for the meal. All kinds of bread & its beautiful shapes are welcome to gild in a simple way.

Credit: thebakefeed
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Bread 🥯

Freshly baked bread, one of the most beautiful things you can offer & lovely to rest your eyes on. That in itself is enough for a refined dining experience. Great when you put the bread buns in a nice pattern too.

Credit: systrarnaeisenman
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Smörgåstårta | Sandwich cake

A typical & common thing all year around is the sandwich cake, a classic choice, in Sweden. But perhaps a favourite during summer with fresh shrimps, fresh vegetables, eggs & lemon slices.

Credit: polarbrod.se
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Imagine having the knowledge & energy to bake in this fantastic way. What a precious gift that brightens the everyday life.

Credit: donadacasa.blog.br
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I’ve just been to the bread shop, something I really enjoy as you can find them in every corner. Freshly baked bread of all kinds & formats – plenty to choose from – wholesome & less healthy – whatever you prefer.



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