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Bread ūü•Į

Freshly baked bread, one of the most beautiful things you can offer & lovely to rest your eyes on. That in itself is enough for a refined dining experience. Great when you put the bread buns in a nice pattern too.

Credit: systrarnaeisenman
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Important preparations for Christmas, for those who celebrate this feast. Baking is, regardless of celebrations, always a delight. Gingerbread was always the biggest event at home when the boys were small – as important as Christmas presents – almost.

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Baking mood

Now I’m not a baking (mom) even though I might wish I had the talent.¬†But like most, I love freshly baked, newly baked, the smell, the heat and all that implies.¬†I grew up with freshly baked cinnamon buns and a glass of milk as a snack.¬†Nowadays, I see it more as a soothing activity with the preparations and the actual baking process itself.Also, I think the scent that spreads through the house, makes all in the household very friendly.















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Fresh baked

Standing in a long queue early Saturday morning to buy fresh baked bread makes you wonder. Even if it’s a well known bakery with lots of supporters. Yes, it does taste fantastic & it feels good when it’s still warm & with strong cappuccino to it & the sun shining & people buzzing & you have a day off without any plans … maybe all this adds to it. But no, there’s something special about bread. Always¬†has & always will be.¬†I grew up & was spoiled with freshly baked bread with a mother who loved to bake. AND did it in a snap without frills.¬†Unfortunately, I never learned the art.

I really think it’s an art to bake, it requires some talent.¬†To bake a loaf may well most, if you just follow a recipe. Sure! But then, in this case, a majority would also be able to do most things, or well, anything really.¬†True indeed, but with a key difference. That little extra!¬†That what makes the BIG difference, that captures the individual, that creates traffic, where people pilgrims, makes & takes the time to go there, if only for freshly baked bread.

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