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Easter Eggs ūüź£

Wish you a lovely Easter celebration and if you don’t celebrate this holiday Рa nice & enjoyable weekend.

Credit: royaldjurgarden
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Christmas moments

The importance to not let time run away from you – and make it possible to stay & enjoy each moment.

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I’m always on the lookout for rooms with bunk beds. It reminds me of small-scale holidays when the children were small & the cozy feeling of carefree everyday with the family. Each such image evokes dear memories.

Nordic design via instagram 

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Festive season

Something that belongs to the festive season Рyes, by all means, all the big holidays Рis, of course, chocolate. I cannot recall any big weekend without some kind of chocolate, whether it be tiny boxes, different bars and pralines, white, milk or dark with or without nuts, fruit or spices. And if I had to choose, I would pick pralines definitely. 




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Important preparations for Christmas, for those who celebrate this feast. Baking is, regardless of celebrations, always a delight. Gingerbread was always the biggest event at home when the boys were small – as important as Christmas presents – almost.

dilleencamille / twitter


Take care / Marie

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