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BBC good food 

Classic eclair recipe of light pastry with rich crème, made on basic buns,  filled with trendy flavours & colourful glazes. Nice choice for a afternoon tea or coffee. 

BBC goodfood

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I eat a lot of bread nowadays. The reason is a major rebuilding where I work & the entire food court has closed or relocated temporary – so, instead of walking a long distance, I choose rather quick meals, unfortunately, making the options narrow.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with bread, the best one can choose, a gift, of course. Just thinking about cutting back slightly on the volume.


@deliciousmag via twitter.com 

Take care / Marie

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Food season

It’s always food season but especially around big holiday seasons. Food is more than ever a way to get together & socialise.

I guess that some of you are putting in a lot of efforts to get things done in time. Wether you celebrate Christmas or just want to be close to your family during a few days leave.

Visit this website when you have time, you’ll find a lot of inspiring tips.




Take care / Marie

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Baking mood

Now I’m not a baking (mom) even though I might wish I had the talent. But like most, I love freshly baked, newly baked, the smell, the heat and all that implies. I grew up with freshly baked cinnamon buns and a glass of milk as a snack. Nowadays, I see it more as a soothing activity with the preparations and the actual baking process itself.Also, I think the scent that spreads through the house, makes all in the household very friendly.















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Daily inspiration, something sweet

Afternoon coffee with a short break – something sweet would be a nice thing to look forward to. Yes, I believe that’s a good decision.


Take care / Marie

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