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An evening out…

… can look so different depending on the mood, the company & the location. Street food, bar menu or a fancy restaurant, I don’t mind. I like a mix most of the times –  different places & food but above all, the company – that’s what makes the whole experience, though.





Take care / Marie

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Thai menu

A wish for Thai food was requested by in-laws – and the wish was fulfilled.
With dinner in a nice Thai restaurant with lovely staff, great menu & fantastic cooking.



Take care / Marie

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Healthy lunch

Healthy is not always tasty, on the contrary, it’s quiet often rather boring, I find. There’s not always lots of options no matter what great restaurant or lunch place you visit.

Vegetarian food requires someone who loves to cook & to invest time in exciting recipes, as with everything else in life. I’m not talking about anything complicated – just some passion.



Take care / Marie

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Food season

It’s always food season but especially around big holiday seasons. Food is more than ever a way to get together & socialise.

I guess that some of you are putting in a lot of efforts to get things done in time. Wether you celebrate Christmas or just want to be close to your family during a few days leave.

Visit this website when you have time, you’ll find a lot of inspiring tips.




Take care / Marie

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Time to sit back

I know that i have said it before but i don’t mind repeating myself, what makes a restaurant is more than what is served on the menu. It is the total experience actually. The moment you open the door to enter in, you can immediately feel the atmosphere – if not, then it is not worth it.

At least, if you are after a memorable night in a nice place with great feeling for the whole experience – whether it is the menu, people with you & around you, waiters, the space, the lighting, furniture, etc. I do really mean it when I say that it doesn’t matter if it’s exclusive, famous, simple or just a whole in the wall.

remodelista.comremodelista.com / restaurant Printz, Stockholm

pinterest.com:jodiestejer:pinterest.com:jodiestejer / nicely with booths built-in seating & generous space,

fancy.comfancy.com / stylish with various material & colour combinations,

homedecorobsession.tumblr.comhomedecorobsession.tumblr.com / classy in a simple way,

abduzeedo.comabduzeedo.com / Philippe Starck designed hotel in Istanbul,

weheart.co.ukweheart.co.uk / Saint Crispin, Melbourne

weheart.co.uk.the-coffee-academics-hong-kong:weheart.co.uk  / the coffee academics, Hong Kong

archrecord.construction.comarchrecord.construction.com / Armani hotel Dubai

mysteelecreek.tumblr.commysteelecreek.tumblr.com / well utilised small area in great design,

designworld.comdesignworld.com / great simplicity,

homeadore.comhomeadore.com / Mama Shelter by Philippe Starck,

tempodadelicadeza.com.brtempodadelicadeza.com.br /Joseph Dirando Arquiteto

pennybloodsblackbook.compennybloodsblackbook.com / masonry walls, plenty of natural light & mix of furniture,

mbds.commbds.com / cool place to have a gourmet burger,

yatzer.comyatzer.com / Duddells, Hhong Kong,

Take care / Marie

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