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Vegan future

More information about vegan food & how meat actually affects the environment to a very large extent, is needed to encourage people to try & change their eating habits, for the sake of the future.

Credit: javliggott @instagram
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Website: javligtgott.se – where you’ll find lots of tips & ideas & a compilation of many nice menus & recipes to be inspired by. Especially relevant for the New Year’s menu. These dishes were brought up to New Year’s last year.

Creamy artichoke soup with fried oyster wedges. Potato gratin, minced meat, garlic broccoli red wine sauce. Crisp forest berry pie with shortcrust pastry, whipped cream with vanilla ice cream.

Credit: javligtgott.se
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Sausages 🌭

Vegan sausages, with various good side dishes, which actually taste fantastic. The industry have certainly developed tremendously the past years. One sausage tray is served with vegan shrimp salad & the other one with boston cucumber & roasted onion – with or without ketchup or mustard.

Credit: javligtgott | Instagram
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Late veg. lunch

On the menu: Breaded cashew portobello, beetroot croquettes, almond cauliflower poppers on truffle potato mash, spiced red vegan ketchup & kombucha citrus dressing. Delicious vegetarian hot meal 😋

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Vegan no-bake strawberry cheesecake – with a filling packed with vanilla bean – for extra verve.

Credit: projectveganbaking
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