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Powdered colours are indeed somewhat difficult to resist right now. Soft shades of pink, creme,  honey – burned pale tones & simple to combine.



make.addicted / instagram

make.addicted / instagram


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BBC good food 

Classic eclair recipe of light pastry with rich crème, made on basic buns,  filled with trendy flavours & colourful glazes. Nice choice for a afternoon tea or coffee. 

BBC goodfood

Take care / Marie

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Creme caramel

Creme caramel – one my favourite dessert.

A classic that distinguishes whether a restaurant, first of all, is good enough to offer this delicious dessert & secondly, how good it tastes. 



Take care / Marie


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The right beige

The right beige, has to be something between sand & creme tones, to be exactly as perfect as possible.

The kind of colour – which some claim isn’t a colour – that I prefer.

And of course in a classic timeless style too.




Take care / Marie

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Creme / 158

Hej dear friends,

Creme, or if you prefer, beige is as colour that I do return to periodically. I know some find this colour boring & predictable. That’s ok really, it’s the beauty of life with different views, opinions, taste etc. To be open & curious is a way to broaden the horizons & learn a thing or two. Which in many cases is easier said than done since many of us are creatures of habit. This applies to most things in this wonderful but sometimes complicated world.

I think that beige is an excellent color that blends in nicely in almost everything or everywhere. It’s a pleasant colour & combined with white, so very fresh & appealing, whether it’s clothing, architecture, home furnishing or…you name it. Let’s have a look together…

Paris an early morning / Aprilfools

A bathroom as close to a dream as you can get / Inspiringinteriors

Wild & beautiful / Lum-inescent

A beauty on my wrist / Andwhiteflowers

Beautiful everyday objects / Maisonblanches

So neat & serene / Livethemma

A still-life with ceramics, works everywhere / Emballes

Wonderful coat as well as umbrella / Twentythreefour

Simple & appealing / Desiretoinspire

Favourite shoes in our family / Youbroketheinternet

Neat, nice & beautiful still-life / Thelittlecorner

Atmospheric set, of loved things / Pinterest.com

One of Prada’s best looking clutches / Rocknrolldoll

Subdued & pleasant tones / Sallyconran via Pinterest

White painted wooden walls & flooring combined with soft creme tones / Designedforlife

Take care / Marie

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