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Barbecue skewers are nice & can be done quickly – and they’re wonderfully good in taste. In addition, they can be varied so that they suit everyone’s taste. Add different sauces & you’ll get an almost perfect meal.

Credit: ellematovin
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An evening out…

… can look so different depending on the mood, the company & the location. Street food, bar menu or a fancy restaurant, I don’t mind. I like a mix most of the times –  different places & food but above all, the company – that’s what makes the whole experience, though.





Take care / Marie

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Burger for lunch, although a vegetarian option for me.


Take care / Marie

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 A small but delicate & affable piece, on this image – pasta, the safe choice in every situation.

foooodmarket via fancy.com


Take care / Marie

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Fried halomi cheese burger

I have gone from one favorite (vegetarian) restaurant to three. It doesn’t sound special at all but it is actually. They are all within a few minutes walking distance from where I work – with excellent-composed and well-prepared food. Not bad at all!


Take care / Marie

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