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Spices and such

We swung by the fruit & vegetable market the other day & I was attracted to the spice stalls with all the colors & scents. Now I’m no wizard at either baking or cooking, but scents can always create a temporary downtime, so that you for a second can get the idea that there’s probably not a problem, you can do it … once that second passed, IĀ continuedĀ toĀ exploreĀ spices & such …


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Cast-iron cookware in bright red would be an excellent Christmas gift to our household. Not that I’m good with cooking but it sure enlivens the kitchen & the general mood.Ā 

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Healthy lunch

Healthy is not always tasty, on the contrary, it’s quiet often rather boring, I find. There’s not always lots of options no matter what great restaurant or lunch place you visit.

Vegetarian food requires someone who loves to cook & to invest time in exciting recipes, as with everything else in life. I’m not talking about anything complicated – just some passion.



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Pasta favourite

We have an Italian restaurant that’s for now has become something of a favourite (until the next pops up). It’s located in the Italian area, it’s large, noisy and constantly full – without any special attributes that adds something extra in the interior. It’s the food that attracts!


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Omelet Bar

Omelette bar – a lovely idea – something my husband would appreciate. His breakfasts on the weekends usually include an omelette. This image is inspiring – line of hot plates, frying pans & several that’s working at a fast pace to serve, after the demand. It looks nice – and a great idea!


Take care / Marie

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