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The difference between mediocre & talent – dare I say, who’s not good at baking.



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Spices and such

We swung by the fruit & vegetable market the other day & I was attracted to the spice stalls with all the colors & scents. Now I’m no wizard at either baking or cooking, but scents can always create a temporary downtime, so that you for a second can get the idea that there’s probably not a problem, you can do it … once that second passed, I continued to explore spices & such …


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Take care / Marie


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Daily inspiration, flavours

Well prepared / cooked food with attention to ingredients, flavours / spices is definitely a delight. I’m going out to dinner tonight, can only hope for nice vegetarian options 🙂



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, outdoor

It’s the time of year when it’s a little too hot to be outdoors. Especially to cook, with the heat from the stove too. But it sure is nice when it has become cooler towards the evening – to spend the time outdoors with food & lighted candles.



Take care / Marie

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