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The little things

The little things that makes a difference once the base has determined well-being and comfort – is of course the big furniture with quality – but the little things like carpets, pillows, blankets, with patterns & colors, vases, paintings etc … that’s what makes a room inviting & functioning. 




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Dark chocolate

Chocolates, dark chocolate – one of the highlights of the holiday season – and of course – with the coffee now and then. Especially when it’s good handmade quality chocolate. It makes a difference!



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Finest chocolate

Pralines, bars, baking, snacks – high quality, fresh and delicious French chocolates made purely from cocoa beans. Valrhona – a family favorite. 




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Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen by the bedside & bedding in nice linen is not a bad choice, you know…



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One piece & you do not want to taste another chocolate. Quality & taste to perfection.




Take care / Marie

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