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Light meals

Light meals – I guess that it might sound boring for some. It’s not so much about light meals as to watch your weight but the more, about less heavy dishes. The older I get the more I feel for healthy food that is nutritious, which is cooked with care for people, animals & environment. Which also means concern for producers. I’ve come to a point where I’m about to decide to become vegetarian. I usually choose chicken or fish, if I’m going for meat, as it is now. Hearty salads or salads with filling has been on the menu at home for a while now. Light meals, or healthy food rather, is also current now, after Christmas buffets, although it is the natural choice in general, for my part.

fancy.comBeets, walnuts & Parmesan / fancy.com

simoneskitchen.nlParma ham, figs & gorgonzola / simoneskitchen.nl

eatdrinkpaleo.com.au/ eatdrinkpaleo.com.au

jasonandshawnda.comPasta with broccoli / jasonandshawnda.com

maragaretlippman via fancy.comHam, melon & cheese / maragaretlippman via fancy.com

fancy.comFood styling / fancy.com

lovelypackage.comNicely packaged flavouring / lovelypackage.com

jamieoliver.comA hearty meal / jamieoliver.com

bhg.com chicken berry salad / bhg.com

francinezaslow.comNo meal without bread / francinezaslow.com

pratos-e-travessas.blogspot.com.auA warming soup will soothe your soul / pratos-e-travessas.blogspot.com.au

perfectingthepairing.comEasy to cook for breakfast / perfectingthepairing.com

bonafidechainblinger.files.wordpress.comRefreshingly healthy / bonafidechainblinger.files.wordpress.com

howsweeteats.comportobello-and-leek-carbonara / howsweeteats.com

remainsimple.tumblrPizza into bite size / remainsimple.tumblr

Take care / Marie

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