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Gingerbread house

Gingerbread is an important part of the preparations with the family & children who yearn for the big day. This little gingerbread house is almost too sweet to be eaten and a fun idea for the handy.

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Take care / Marie

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Important preparations for Christmas, for those who celebrate this feast. Baking is, regardless of celebrations, always a delight. Gingerbread was always the biggest event at home when the boys were small – as important as Christmas presents – almost.

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Take care / Marie

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Closing in

It’s approaching, closing in, soon here – it’s popping up everywhere & it’s hard to distance yourself, as it’s placed on the hottest locations in retail stores. Thanks & praise, it has not yet begun in restaurants & Cafes yet.

Yes, It’s about Christmas decorations & one of the best seasons of the year in my opinion, BUT not when it’s warm, sunny & beach weather – I just can’t get used to it.¬†



Take care / Marie

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Ginger bread baking, a strong tradition in Sweden – no Christmas without gingerbread, believe me.

It’s the preparations, it’s the smells, it’s moments with mulled & gingerbread, it’s the atmosphere – the whole feeling. And gingerbread houses, decorations & the family getting together in the evenings with the winter darkness outside.


Take care / Marie

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Christmas sweets

All sorts of desserts, snack & goodies are probably prepared & ready to serve for Christmas. No matter whether it’s bought or self made – although I prefer homemade.¬†I had a mother who were very good at cooking, baking & in general an all-rounder in the kitchen. I inherited NOT the smallest portion of this ability. Maybe unfair, perhaps but it is what it is.¬†But enjoying delicacies is not bad either. Desserts of all kinds are preferred, but generally, sweets is something of a must on the Christmas table. I thought this theme would be suitable a day like this – enjoy! AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU,

pinteres.comOdds & ends, must be in sufficient quantity for refills / pinteres.com

pinterest.comAbsolutely / Google.com

vanessahernandezphotography.blogspot.de:chocolate dipped pears with pistachiosChocolate dipped pears with pistachios / vanessahernandezphotography.blogspot.de

tumblr.com Perfect fit / tumblr.com

thelifestyleeditiorAmple & warming, always nice in the cold / thelifestyleeditior

annatruelsen After the Christmas dinner / annatruelsen

nordicleaves.tumblr.com Delicate shades of brown / nordicleaves.tumblr.com

soft gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting and sugared cranberries ..Soft gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting & sugared cranberries / pinterest.com

flickr.com gingerbread cranberry bundtGingerbread cranberry bundt / flickr.com

westelm.comStylish goodies / westelm.com

calmcaos.tumblr.com caramelized-appelsCaramelized-apples / calmcaos.tumblr.com

fromscandinaviawithlove.comReady for Christmas baking / fromscandinaviawithlove.com

halfbakedharvest.comDelicious & finely with double paper / halfbakedharvest.com

pastryaffair.comTradition / pastryaffair.com

inspired-design.tumblr.comFestive table setting / inspired-design.tumblr.com

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