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Stockholm | Sweden

In Kungsträdgården in stockholm, the cherry trees were first planted in the 1950s as a gift from the Japanese government to the city of Stockholm. It’s a folk festival every year when the cherry trees burst out & for a few short, intense days at the turn of April – May the crowds are large & there’s pure joy in the air.

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The unusual mother-of-pearl clouds spotted in Stockholm. So lucky to have seen this phenomenon while on a home visit. They are apparently only seen a couple of times a year in Sweden.

Stockholm | Sweden
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Old Town in Stockholm was founded in 1252. The entire area is like a living pedestrian-friendly museum. It’s full of sights, cafes, bars, restaurants & shops. It’s one of the largest & best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. As well as one of the main attractions in Stockholm.

Credit: nathaliec136 | Instagram
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S N O W ❄️

The wonderfully creaking sound when walking on cold fresh icy snow & everything else is quiet all around.

Stockholm | Sweden
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Meatballs with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, cucumber and raw lingonberries – the most Swedish meal imaginable. Served at restaurant Chouchou, which offers 100% plant-based food in the middle of Stockholm.

Credit: ChouChou.se
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