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A beautiful B&B in Mallorca. Cream-colored façade, beautiful & suitable to the blue pool water, and the nice shutters, pots & parasols – makes you long for a stay.

Credit: paper_architecture
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A lot of outdoor posts lately, I know. But with summer almost everywhere &  living in a tropical environment (Singapore) it’s a given that you’ll be influenced by these images, right…

Credit; Credit: bobedredk

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Cool existence

It is always neat with a black house facade. With a lot of greenery around &  a bunch of well-chosen pots & plants along the building, it is easy to create a comfortably cool existence.

Credit: decoratio.co

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Christmas flowers

Beautiful pots in galvanized sheet for the Christmas flowers – now, it’s not far to go before Christmas. Can you imagine that it’s less than four weeks …



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Sitting right now with an open door onto the terrace, the sun is shining, there is clear blue sky & a plane passes just passes by on a low altitude. Thought that this picture could describe the feeling right now.


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