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Interesting houses

Interesting houses stand out from the ordinary. This is factory produced & mounted & fitted on site – black facade makes the house special & with a factory production, the price is somewhat lower, with some luck.

Credit: intressantahus

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Cool existence

It is always neat with a black house facade. With a lot of greenery around &  a bunch of well-chosen pots & plants along the building, it is easy to create a comfortably cool existence.

Credit: decoratio.co

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Black beauty

Possibly an old water tower that has earned its time, and now converted into a personal and different accommodation. Nevertheless, a beautiful black “monument” in that draws your eyes to it. 




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Living outdoors

Small space possibly, but well utilized with different seating areas as needed. Black facade together with wood, rattan & striped awning looks great – as well as the comfort with textiles.



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Stacked firewood along the wall is tranquility for the soul, especially against a black facade so it almost becomes like a work of art.



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