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An image that appeals to my structured side. White shelfs on consoles with a personal mix of belongings. White painted wood floors are always neat & even more with firewood logs neatly swell-stocked on each other.



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Stacked firewood along the wall is tranquility for the soul, especially against a black facade so it almost becomes like a work of art.



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Hidden spot

This hidden idyll is small but not amiss. Great natural materials worked together into a cozy entirety – with warmth and greenery as accessories. A nice hidden spot.


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Daily inspiration, firewood

There are many ways to store firewood & an abundance of options in the shops but it is rare to see one like this beautiful & inspiring solution. Almost like an art installation!


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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, feel at home

You could say that it’s a lot of stuff – and yes, it is. But it’s lovely stuff that makes you feel at home. Burning stove, pieces of firewood, the rag rug, magazines, books – everything you can imagine for a nice relaxing time. pinterest.com/ pinterest.com Take care / Marie

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