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Color scheme

Rugs, big and small, in nice patterns & beautiful color scheme.



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I was at an interior design fair the other day & saw much that was neat. Very beautiful rugs in simple stylish designs & thorough craftsmanship.



Take care / Marie

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Wood logs

Wood logs, fireplaces & to gather around the fire with candles & blankets, that’s perfect at this time of year. Now, it’s not winter on my side of the globe, but I still associate Christmas with snow, winter & cold weather. It’s quite incredible how tradition & upbringing has such an impact. No matter how I try, I just can’t get in to the Christmas spirit. It won’t work in this heat.

Now I was actually more interested of stored wood than open fireplaces. I like when natural materials have a natural place in the home. It’s a bit of a luxury feel, getting to lit a fire & gather at home, with near & dear ones. Don’t you think?

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cabinet

I am childishly fond of low storage units, especially this type of design that is long so that there’s space enough on top to use for nice still-life. Anything that is less fun, can be hidden inside instead. It’s stylish storage quite simply.


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