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A nice corner, neat & tidy for space, easy to maintain. And wonderful for late evenings in front of the fireplace.

Credit: Femina

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beautiful apartment with a separate but visible bedroom and hardwood floors throughout. The glass divider with doors makes the whole space exciting – as well as the beautiful fireplace


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Living room

An inspiring living room that belongs to the founders of @tinekhome. Simple, attractive bohemian touch, and nice in its simplicity.



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Daily inspiration, still life

I’m very fond of decorative still life, although I prefer simple & uncomplicated compositions. That are easy to absorb. My whole beginning in advertising & decoration was about still life & decorative solutions. Often in shop windows &  entrances to stores. It had to be worked but easy to understand & inspire instantly. That have stayed with me since then & still inspires when done in the right way.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fireplace

A fireplace with white front & brick wall slightly behind. It always looks inviting with fireplaces, especially as you can sit around & feel the heat. A nice corner in a simple style with a bit of colour as compliment.



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