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Low white cabinet

The low cabinets, or half-height depending on how you look at it, are something of a favorite when it comes to furniture. Does not matter if it is with glass doors like here or whole doors without transparency. Nice!


Credit: meillakottona_fi

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The finest / prettiest you have, what you really appreciate, should be set in cabinets with glass doors – to be viewed & used daily for the highest possible joy…donโ€™t you think?

Credit: klintdrupp.dk

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A cabinet can be beautiful in itself as a furniture & well fill its place. But if you want to strengthen the expression, still life can be a good alternative to create a nice eye-catcher.

Credit: inspiredbycharm

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Cabinets that are organized make life so much easier. Various nice storage containers & ditto in varying sizes, preferably in transparent material that can easily identify content, becomes a delight to the eye. And easy to keep clean & maintain.

Credit: blogg.skonahem.com
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Part of a kitchen in black, white + wood – a combination that always works – with a cabinet in metal & glass that adds to the expression.

Credit: dailydreamdecor

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