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Low white cabinet

The low cabinets, or half-height depending on how you look at it, are something of a favorite when it comes to furniture. Does not matter if it is with glass doors like here or whole doors without transparency. Nice!


Credit: meillakottona_fi

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Black & white

Black & white decorated apartment, somewhat masculine in the expression perhaps, with black glass doors in focus, and a lovely wooden floor that gives warmth to the whole. Very nice!

Credit: henriknero

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Built-in storage

Built-in storage, or bookshelf, which is a wonderfully nice solution. Especially in a corner that can be difficult to use. So nice with the shelf on top for precious things & with glass doors that you can see through. Exciting & very nicely done.



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Simplicity – all you need to calm down, relax & enjoy life. 


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High kitchen cabinets, stand-alone with glass doors – has always been a favorite furniture. So easy to get the height, colour & an interesting aspect of the interior design with beautiful precious things you care about, want to keep safe from prying little fingers but still like to see – for beauty’s sake.


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