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Vine cooler

What would you say about a wine cooler – built into the wall or free-standing, with glass shelves & glass doors, glass cabinet model, with lighting.

This solution is gracious, almost like a work of art, don’t you think?


Take care / Marie

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Great collection of home decoration, styled in nice a nice & simple manner.

I am especially fond of the cabinet in white with glass doors.

The giant window is exceptional as a feature to the setting.


Take care / Marie

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Kitchen corner

A lot of marble, tile behind the cabinets with glass doors, exciting. And untreated wood on the cupboard doors at the bottom. Black and white in an inspiring mix.


Take care / Marie

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A cabinet is a cabinet until you fill it with things that mean something to you. Then it suddenly becomes a safe. Which contains a meaning, a life of memories. Things that have a value only for you. And makes you feel like home, at any time.


Take care / Marie

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Exciting kitchen

Exciting kitchen solution with glass doors combined with cabinet doors in green. Always nice with open shelves for the most frequently used stuff Рfully visible. Pop up colours brings the room to life too.


Take care / Marie

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