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Vine cooler

What would you say about a wine cooler – built into the wall or free-standing, with glass shelves & glass doors, glass cabinet model, with lighting.

This solution is gracious, almost like a work of art, don’t you think?


Take care / Marie

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Great collection of home decoration, styled in nice a nice & simple manner.

I am especially fond of the cabinet in white with glass doors.

The giant window is exceptional as a feature to the setting.


Take care / Marie

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A cabinet is a cabinet until you fill it with things that mean something to you. Then it suddenly becomes a safe. Which contains a meaning, a life of memories. Things that have a value only for you. And makes you feel like home, at any time.


Take care / Marie

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Exciting kitchen

Exciting kitchen solution with glass doors combined with cabinet doors in green. Always nice with open shelves for the most frequently used stuff – fully visible. Pop up colours brings the room to life too.


Take care / Marie

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Some may avoid a large closet with glass doors that allows all things stored, to be totally transparent – transparent in its true sense. Isn’t it exciting? Very inspiring …


Take care / Marie

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