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Low white cabinet

The low cabinets, or half-height depending on how you look at it, are something of a favorite when it comes to furniture. Does not matter if it is with glass doors like here or whole doors without transparency. Nice!


Credit: meillakottona_fi

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White low cabinet with sliding gaps and shelves underneath – as always, a stylish and functional choice.



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Black & white

Nice decor styling in black and white, although the white cabinet was what got me interested in the first place. 



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White cabinet

It is the floor lamp that should be the highlight & sure, it’s great. But the white cabinet with glass sides / doors is completely adorable.




Take care / Marie

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Two frames

We are currently finishing the last one of the rooms that have been painted. 
Think of it as reading room / casual workspace. It things such as frames & photos plus ceiling light, which will be delivered shortly. Hence a lot of inspiration in terms of picture solutions in large & small.

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Take care / Marie

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