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Clever packaging

Clever packaging is exciting when there’s a thought behind & design make it easy for the consumer.

Such as this pasta packaging including herbs & spices for easy cooking & the stylish reusable wine packaging.

Plus the clever cereal packaging to reduce spills & hairstyles to showcase different pasta types.

twitter.com:designtaxi clever pasta packaging incl herbs speices for easy cooking





Take care / Marie

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A visit to the cheese shop is always an experience.

Especially when the merchants knows what they’re talking about & can suggest different flavours – mixed with stories & anecdotes about production & specific regions & farms. Also, know how to prepare & what goes well together.


Take care / Marie

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Vine cooler

What would you say about a wine cooler – built into the wall or free-standing, with glass shelves & glass doors, glass cabinet model, with lighting.

This solution is gracious, almost like a work of art, don’t you think?


Take care / Marie

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