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Beautiful piece

Beautiful piece of furniture, in its classic simplicity. Perfect to use anywhere in the home – like a helper to store things on, in the bedroom, the hall, in the kitchen…or just as a display such as this image. 


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Beautiful & inviting kitchen with caramel colours popping up on the chair, accents & kitchen cabinets – as a contrast to the dark floor.


Take care / Marie

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Design classics 

I’m definitely something of a chair fetish – I cannot get enough of chairs. Happily  a mix styles & designs around the dining table. Or wait, maybe not so much styles but different design in all cases. 

Take care / Marie

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Dining chairs

My favourite chairs, you’ve seen them many times before, in slightly different shapes but the main look stays the same.

I have always had them in black or white – but don’t mind these colours – refreshing around the dining table.



Take care / Marie

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A cabinet is a cabinet until you fill it with things that mean something to you. Then it suddenly becomes a safe. Which contains a meaning, a life of memories. Things that have a value only for you. And makes you feel like home, at any time.


Take care / Marie

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