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I have always been fond of porches along the facade (preferably with a rocking chair) where you can furnish freely & unconventionally so that different functions come together.

And move things around as it suits – and with long rag rugs in a row. Very nice.


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I have a penchant for facades & charming buildings. They can basically look anyway but something must attract, catch the eye & say something. This does, with the bricks, the tiny door & windows & the pea green colour.


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Architecture is so different depending on the viewer. For me it is a source of inspiration & whatever the interior looks like, it’s the facades, materials, colors & location that captures the spotlight first.


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Beautiful house

A beautiful house, with beautiful doors in light blue, turquoise pale colour – inspiring. 


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Concrete facade

Just straightforward architecture…and beautiful polished concrete. 



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