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Strolling around on any street, especially in new locations, is one of my favourite things to do. Never forget to look up or you may miss a lot of exciting & inspiring sights ⬆️

Credit: nice_living
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Dream house

A beautiful house with whitewashed facade & surrounding garden. It’s completely renovated, waiting like a dream to embrace its owner.

Credit: residencemag
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Renaissance house facade in Prague – that only is worth a visit besides other amazing experiences.

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A door says so much. It is the face outward that welcomes the visitor. This lovely old door in a fantastic color is inviting to the contrasting yellow facade. The beautiful flower garlands makes a mark as well.

Credit: Potpourri | tumblr

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Cool existence

It is always neat with a black house facade. With a lot of greenery around &  a bunch of well-chosen pots & plants along the building, it is easy to create a comfortably cool existence.

Credit: decoratio.co

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