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A spacious terrace surrounded by green plants & contrasting black facade & radiant daylight – a dream for quiet moments in generous comfortable wooden furniture.

Credit: lecollectionist
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It is so wonderfully nice when you preserve timber walls, especially in a cabin, and furnish with simple wooden furniture, predominantly in white. Old and new come together in a sympathetic manner.

Credit: mediantalo
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Earthy tones

Pleasant colors in earthy tones that works well with ceramic and wooden furniture in sleek styling.


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The view is amazing, a location to dream off – with nature & water close by. A patio deck that’s generous is always a plus, especially for the periods when you live more outdoors than indoors. Trees & shrubs makes a nice frame work – and with the classically beautiful wooden furniture, the whole is very relaxing, soothing and simply beautiful .


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White plank wall, white wood floor & ceiling, wooden furniture, single white chair, glass vases & a sisal mat create a beautiful whole. Very appealing indeed.



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