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Shops that are filled to the brim & unruly in an organized manner – I always find them  inviting & inspiring.




Take care / Marie

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Beautiful, inspiring designed wonders to illuminate your day. Creativity with flair.

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Take care / Marie

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It’s always quite fascinating with architecture – intriguing, interesting & inspiring. 



Take care / Marie

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Table settings are absolutely necessary to help with a successful dinners. The environment itself can look like anyhow if you have arranged an inviting setting with tablecloth, fine china, candle light. In this case, the beautiful bowl becomes a major contributing factor.



Take care / Marie

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You probably know my preference by now if you followed the blog for a while. I post inspiring images because I’m primarily an image enthusiast or whatever the word that describes the need to look at inspiring pictures. Inspiration for me is what catches the eye, creating pleasure & curiosity or sheer joy in the moment. It is all too often not the actual style, design or colour that suits me personally.

Now I wear mostly jeans / slacks & T-shirt for work because that is what is needed but my personal choice could look like this – clean straight lines, no significant details & quite basic colour scale. It makes my heart beat indeed.

protagonistnyc / instagram


Take care / Marie

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