Ceiling lights

Lamps, a feature that makes a difference. I have picked together the same amount of photos as usual when it is a theme. Today it’s about some kind of pendant light or if you prefer, ceiling lights. Small, large, hanging in bunches, decorative as well as  some with colour. Everything a home may need  depending on the style, tastes, preferences & so on. Yes, there is certainly a huge variety of stunning designs offered in both department stores & specialty shops. The hard part is deciding which to choose.

sac_director via fLovely pearls in grey / sac_director via fancy.com

concreteanddustDecorative lighting in wood / concreteanddust

flickr.comMore interesting with different heights in a row / flickr.com

bloomingvilleA bunch of stylish in metal & glass / bloomingville

husligheterBlack & white beauties / husligheter

decordemon/ decordemon

housetohome.co.ukIn red to reinforce the impact / housetohome.co.uk

nordicleavesVery hot right now / nordicleaves

decordemon Another bunch but in wood, glass & white / decordemon

fancy.comClassy that fits perfectly in the environment / fancy.com

hus&hem.seDifferent heights in a corner works fine too / hus&hem.se

anasangaAs a small jewellery / anasanga via fancy.com

husligheter.seAs matching accessory / husligheter.se

archilovers.comColourful attire / archilovers.com

bungalowclassicWall decorating in a restaurant / bungalowclassic

Take care / Marie

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4 thoughts on “Ceiling lights

  1. We often stayed with locals when we traveled around Europe as young. The rooms were small & the most common lamp was a bulb. I remember that I thought it looked a bit unfinished, as if something was missing. I think it looks cool today but as always, everything looks good in the right place.


  2. That’s great, it is sometimes difficult to choose amongst the variety of styles. We are about to look at our livingroom & our boys rooms. Not easy, especially when you have to align with the rest in the family. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


  3. Juanita in OH says:

    I LOVE lighting. My favorites in this post is the third one down with gray and white. It helps to bring the ceiling height down somewhat. The other one is the red, the impact is wonderful. I have a strange reaction to bare bulbs they really depress me, lol, however, it is the truth. When I was a child most people had lamps with shades but, the poorer people I knew did not. It reminds me of when I would go into the city and visit one of my family member’s living in a tenament.


  4. ohmycousin says:

    Ive just fallen in love with all them!! ……simply beautiful.


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