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Daily inspiration, ceiling lights

Ceiling lights in metal & copper in great design, is always inspiring. Shiny, in its simplicity & with a wooden knob that completes before the black cord begins. Really nice!

room service via bloglovin.comroom service via bloglovin.com

Take care / Marie

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XL Pendant lamps

I have tried to find the time to call an electrician to replace the ceiling lights in every room through the house – but it always ends up on the to-do list. The old ceiling lamps are still there, after the previous owner. The more time passes, the less we think of them, unfortunately. While I’m waiting to summon up time & energy, I thought it might be nice to take a look at some different design & inspiration. Moreover, we need to agree on what we want in the family – before we can contact the dear electrician. Sometimes it is bothersome with democracy 🙂

estmagazine.com.auStyling that does the trick / estmagazine.com.au

pinterest.com:adrianeeeee:Classic beauties / pinterest.com:adrianeeeee

quintessenceblog.comAsian inspired / quintessenceblog.com

designtravellerIndustrial design / designtraveller

silver-blonde.tumblr.comBeautifies the working environment / silver-blonde.tumblr.com

s3.amazonaws.comA safe bet / s3.amazonaws.com

thedesignerpad Old & new design / thedesignerpad

miloandmitzyWell-chosen hottie in a nicely decorated room / miloandmitzy

remodelistaDesign in white & wood / remodelista

freshfusion.tumblr.comA nice grouping of various sizes / freshfusion.tumblr.com


Really stylish lamps in an equalstylish room / emmas.blogg.se

styleessentials.tumblr.comShiny metal with pink cords / styleessentials.tumblr.com

home-designing.comPerfect finish over the dining table / home-designing.com

hemnet.seStriking with brass to white / hemnet.se

mihstful.tumblr.comRetro-inspired design / mihstful.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, loft

An image from a charming loft in Amsterdam – with a personal mix of furniture of old & new. The cornice in black for the lighting holds together the whole, which makes it easier when the ceiling lights & other décor also are in black. Black & white with the addition of worn leather armchair, old wooden box, blue table & oriental rug – it sure is nice, right? 

turbulences-deco.fr/ turbulences-deco.fr 

Take care / Marie 

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Ceiling lights

Lamps, a feature that makes a difference. I have picked together the same amount of photos as usual when it is a theme. Today it’s about some kind of pendant light or if you prefer, ceiling lights. Small, large, hanging in bunches, decorative as well as  some with colour. Everything a home may need  depending on the style, tastes, preferences & so on. Yes, there is certainly a huge variety of stunning designs offered in both department stores & specialty shops. The hard part is deciding which to choose.

sac_director via fLovely pearls in grey / sac_director via fancy.com

concreteanddustDecorative lighting in wood / concreteanddust

flickr.comMore interesting with different heights in a row / flickr.com

bloomingvilleA bunch of stylish in metal & glass / bloomingville

husligheterBlack & white beauties / husligheter

decordemon/ decordemon

housetohome.co.ukIn red to reinforce the impact / housetohome.co.uk

nordicleavesVery hot right now / nordicleaves

decordemon Another bunch but in wood, glass & white / decordemon

fancy.comClassy that fits perfectly in the environment / fancy.com

hus&hem.seDifferent heights in a corner works fine too / hus&hem.se

anasangaAs a small jewellery / anasanga via fancy.com

husligheter.seAs matching accessory / husligheter.se

archilovers.comColourful attire / archilovers.com

bungalowclassicWall decorating in a restaurant / bungalowclassic

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pantry

A nicely built-in area, to be used as a pantry or an extension of a kitchen or other appropriate function due to need. White base, window shutters, wooden details & golden ceiling lights. With doors that has glass windows, the whole area becomes a bit bigger than what it really is.


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