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Light bulbs

Copper, brass, glass, cables, lights – a lot of material in simple little thing that produces light. Design & construction which is lovely to look at in addition to the function.



Take care / Marie

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XL Pendant lamps

I have tried to find the time to call an electrician to replace the ceiling lights in every room through the house – but it always ends up on the to-do list. The old ceiling lamps are still there, after the previous owner. The more time passes, the less we think of them, unfortunately. While I’m waiting to summon up time & energy, I thought it might be nice to take a look at some different design & inspiration. Moreover, we need to agree on what we want in the family – before we can contact the dear electrician. Sometimes it is bothersome with democracy 🙂

estmagazine.com.auStyling that does the trick / estmagazine.com.au

pinterest.com:adrianeeeee:Classic beauties / pinterest.com:adrianeeeee

quintessenceblog.comAsian inspired / quintessenceblog.com

designtravellerIndustrial design / designtraveller

silver-blonde.tumblr.comBeautifies the working environment / silver-blonde.tumblr.com

s3.amazonaws.comA safe bet / s3.amazonaws.com

thedesignerpad Old & new design / thedesignerpad

miloandmitzyWell-chosen hottie in a nicely decorated room / miloandmitzy

remodelistaDesign in white & wood / remodelista

freshfusion.tumblr.comA nice grouping of various sizes / freshfusion.tumblr.com


Really stylish lamps in an equalstylish room / emmas.blogg.se

styleessentials.tumblr.comShiny metal with pink cords / styleessentials.tumblr.com

home-designing.comPerfect finish over the dining table / home-designing.com

hemnet.seStriking with brass to white / hemnet.se

mihstful.tumblr.comRetro-inspired design / mihstful.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Line up

I picked slightly different images at random where the only common, is that it’s a kind of in-a-row theme in them. Can not say why I did so. I just felt that it was simple & rather uncomplicated because I couldn’t bring myself to do something more ambitious. But it proved to be more difficult than expected actually. It took a while too. But as always when I search for images, there’s so much details, solutions, colours. It’s inspiring in one way or another, that I lose myself in time & place. All of them are certainly not fancy, but it’s not supposed to be so, everything you see shouldn’t be according your liking. That would make things rather boring.

So these are my finds today 🙂

andrewgarybeardsall.tumblr.comBags in row / andrewgarybeardsall.tumblr.com

homedecorobsessionLamps & stools successively / homedecorobsession

interioridea.tumblr.comFeet after each other  / interioridea.tumblr.com

bungalowclassic.tumblr.comSilver bracelets in line / bungalowclassic.tumblr.com

tumblr.comShoes on a walk / tumblr.com

ilovethishome.tumblr.comDisplayed treasures / ilovethishome.tumblr.com

wide-eyeddreamer.tumblr.comFollow me / wide-eyeddreamer.tumblr.com

prettyodsandends.tumblr.comWindows x 3 / prettyodsandends.tumblr.com

antrophologiePencils in row  / antrophologie

erzandco.tumblr.comChairs x 3 / erzandco.tumblr.com

remainsimple.tumblr.comBuffet served / remainsimple.tumblr.com

thesimplicityofwhite.tumblr.comHouses on a row or rows / thesimplicityofwhite.tumblr.com

southernprepstylePearl necklaces x several / southernprepstyle

vintagehome.tumbl.comFrames on line / vintagehome.tumbl.com


Finally, nice pendants in line / rowenandwren.co.uk

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white kitchen

There is a lot going on in this kitchen. I like the white & fresh expression. Open shelves in combination with glass doors makes the kitchen area interesting. It’s exciting when you can see the contents inside even though it might require some structure for it not to be perceived as messy. The lower kitchen area in front gives stability to the room. (I only think it is too much with six pendants above).

expressen.se/ Expressen.se

Take care / Marie

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