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The bedroom is something of a favorite room when it approaches Christmas because it is a quiet oasis that is simply decorated and without disturbing moments such as tv, music or Christmas decorations. I appreciate when it is simple and straightforward.



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Daily inspiration, restful

Inviting, restful without much disturbance – a room made for time to read & unwind. Beautiful open space, natural light & big sliding doors. And wonderful with a whole wall for just books.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, modern expression

I find this room very modern, with clinical expressions, glossy but very inspiring. The two small dark pallets in the front that contributes to all the white. The floor with large floor tiles are amazing!


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Daily inspiration, modern

A modern living room with colours that makes the room’s expression austere & elegant – maybe a bit masculine too, don’t you think? It’s styled with a minimum in mind but the effect is powerful through the colour scheme & the big painting on the wall.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white kitchen

There is a lot going on in this kitchen. I like the white & fresh expression. Open shelves in combination with glass doors makes the kitchen area interesting. It’s exciting when you can see the contents inside even though it might require some structure for it not to be perceived as messy. The lower kitchen area in front gives stability to the room. (I only think it is too much with six pendants above).

expressen.se/ Expressen.se

Take care / Marie

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