Minty scent / 159

Hej friends,

I’ve been browsing the web for fun while waiting for my darling to meet up. Thought it looked like mint is in favour, at least on a lot of websites & blogs. At the beginning of my professional life, I lived in a small town for a year where I rented a small apartment which I furnished in white, pine & mint green. I would never think of that colour as a choice today, for sure. But like most things, it’s always nice to relive stuff & things at a distance. Been there, done that…feels good sometimes. Especially when one wouldn’t like to do it again. It’s one of the advantages of getting older:)

Mint can be a bit too cute sometimes, for my taste. It needs to be mixed up with one or two other colours & materials to become more appealing. Concrete or stripes gives an interesting look. There’s so many possibilities for whatever style or look. In addition, there are infinite shades of mint. The sky is the limit, as always.

Stylish collarless jacket / Prettystuff

Styling with some mint objects / Sockertoyforogat

Kitchen cabinet doors in this pretty mint colour / Beatricehernandez via Pinterest

Black-grey wall is a nice contrast to mint / Monicafury via Pinterest

White with mint details / Mokkasin

Cute wall houses to use for small items / Micasaesuscasa

Cool floor lamp / Lamaisond’annag

Bathroom for lovers of mint green /dkshopgilr

Looks almost like an installation / Designtraveller

A mixed sweet style / Mokkasin

Backsplash that ends with the fridge / Skeppsholmen

Candle light, always beautiful / Pappa-bear

Different green tones / Lamaisond’annag

Haute couture in mint / Monsieurwintour

Take care / Marie

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One thought on “Minty scent / 159

  1. I love mint green, also purple oh gosh all colors. I love the tub in this blog. I to am a ordinary women who loves beauty


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