Pink shades

Occasionally, I get a craving for a certain colour – an influence from somewhere … AND I find my self searching or looking for that colour AND of course, I see it almost everywhere. That comes without saying.  … as a letter in the mail ( swedish expression ). A soft, pleasant pink color that’s not too harsh or sharp in tone. That goes well with grey, white or brown, black. Just the right colour without getting too pastel pink, if you get what I mean. Simply soft for the eye, soothing, warming, inviting, promising & up to date.

I pulled together some images with one thing in common – this colour. Or should I say those colours, maybe … they differ slightly in shades. Just when I start to get used to the colour, I bet that something else comes in the way. Whether this is another colour or … only time will tell 🙂

Best Buy

Grey & light pink – refreshing combination / bestbuy


Soft colours with wood / petrabindel

skandinaviandekoAlmost edible / skandinaviandeko


Appealing impression with simple means / helenaaro

Modern Scandinavian living /


Colourful choices / desdemyventana


Nice framed photo gallery / atelieruverte


Warming colour / fancy

Homemade peppermint marshmallows /


Cool / marymadethis

Robust but still soft /


Romantic / prettyinpearls


Professional styling / lineklein


Simplicity / hannasroom


Nice mix of items / 79ideas

Take care / Marie

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4 thoughts on “Pink shades

  1. Angela says:

    I love pink! You are right, it goes well with so many colours…

    Thanks for the lovely pictures


  2. I hope you feel much better now, no matter what. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂


  3. Becky says:

    Beautiful collection of photos 🙂


  4. olgastardust says:

    This was such a romantic and relaxing post to read after a difficult morning! 🙂


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