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Storage – with simplicity, stylish & functional solutions, it’s no easy task to achieve. It’s not always that cheap either. Using cabinets with doors combined with open storage is a good solution. Closed storage for things that you don’t want to be seen & highlight your everyday objects – in good order. They should be easy to reach & easy to use. Whether it’s for the kitchen or for other rooms. It should be easy for you to live your everyday life.

An alternative is to maximize with shelves either on consoles or screwed directly into the wall. It’s super stylish & super easy. Keep it together in one place & not all over the place. Letting things lie visible creates a homely feel depending on how you make it or how well you do it. Or else, the impression might be messy instead of interesting or inspiring. The amount of variations & solutions is endless … use your creativity & adapt after your needs. I am right now cleaning up & storing things way but also storing things visible. Getting there – slowly 🙂


Cabinets with doors at the bottom & open storage at the top / fantasticfrank


Industrial look with everything visible / sanna&sania


Crafts cabinet for the creative. By the way, if you haven’t looked into the blog mokkasin, so do it. You will not be disappointed / mokkasin


Divided areas on two levels makes it more limited & surfaces easier to use / atelierueverte


One way is to keep material together / sanctuary

Closed cabinet with things stacked in a row on top /

Stacked on one side & simpler on the other but still balanced /


Neatly in rows in simple cabinets with shelves / annagillar


Super neat with white shelves, white tiles& white porcelain / trendhome


Charming style & makes everything visible more homey / boligpluss


Graphic styling with selected materials / lamaisond’annag


Simple & eye catching / micasaessucasa


Adjust & customize to your corner / livethemma


Use the space along the height to get a good overview as well as more space on the floor / make-living


Here, an adult version / lamaisond’annag

Take care / Marie

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