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Storage solution

I have a preference for low storage solutions & preferably on the wall to keep the floor free. Also along the wall so as to provide a natural storage surfaces. Anyway, this a nice solution and nicley styled with wood, white & black, with the additon of props that’s making the whole set up inspiring. 


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Open storage solution

There are so many different solutions to the storage that it can be downright giddy. I like a mix of closed & open storage solutions, simply because not everything is meant to be seen. It may be too much of a good thing & even create a sense of clutter. If you choose the open variant, it is important to look over how to arrange books, magazines, photo frames, ornaments & other things you cherish. A certain order & structure means that you get a smoothness that harmonises the whole expression.

But on the whole – what nonetheless counts – is that you feel comfortable in your own home with what you have & with what you hold dear, whatever solution. Taste is ambiguous, depending on the viewer.

















Take care / Marie

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Chest of drawers

At home we always have had plenty of spacious chest of drawers. The shape & design of the drawers with knobs or handles plus that they are so easy to furnish with & to put stuff on top, makes the difference. We use chest of drawers in each room, no matter where in the house. I have had them in the kitchen where we stored all the cutlery in the top drawer & textiles such as tea towels, napkins, tablecloths, in the bottom. They are  also perfect in the hallway for hats, gloves, umbrellas, scarves, etc. Kids rooms, bedrooms, bathroom & so on.

We have used various models throughout the years & gave away the last ones less then a year ago or so. In fact, I believe our boys kept one or two as a memory from their late childhood. And we have two white chest of drawers in our bedroom in perfect hight. They are just right for all sorts of little things that need to be stored with easy reach. I like that they so easily fits into different rooms for different needs.

rstyle.meNice details / rstyle.me

livethemma.seSmall & big drawers / livethemma.se

madeinpersboWhite with metal handles / madeinpersbo

ivethemma.sePine in a contemporary style / livethemma.se

freedom.com.auSimple design that fits everywhere / freedom.com.au

barkerandstonehouse.co.ukNicely combined styling / barkerandstonehouse.co.uk

pinterest.comMy favourite design / pinterest.com

westelmModern & rustic at the same time / westelm

livethemma.seAntique green / livethemma.se

thegiftsoflife.tumblr.comNice with two in a row / thegiftsoflife.tumblr.com

suvisurlevifA different model with doors & a bit higher but nevertheless stylish / mokkasin

googleimageLots of small drawers & in birch / googleimage

365ting.blogspot.comRustic white / 365ting.blogspot.com

interieur-coosje.blogspot.nlUntreated in a low size / interieur-coosje.blogspot.nl

skandinaviandeko.comWood with big drawers / skandinaviandeko.com

rstyle.meBlack, small & slender / rstyle.me

Take care / Marie

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Low storage solutions

I prefer freestanding storage solutions rather then the integrated. Those simple, flexible & movable benches preferably, because of the airy impression they give. They don’t take up space & aren’t clumsy either. The good thing is the surface you gain, for the nice things. (Including drawers or open shelfes for the flexibility). On the other hand, how flexible do you need to be … I mean, it’s not that I decorate or rearrange things every other week or so. It wouldn’t work with my way of being. It’s one thing to have a deep interest for things, another, to live & breath your passion. Which can be done in different ways, of course.

I’ve gone from actively breathing an interest, to a more pleasurable distance. May sound strange but I get my fair share through magazines, blogs, some exhibitions, shop visits, where I inevitably look more at the visual impression, decor, collections, shop windows, lighting, etc. than to shop, in real sense. (Well, I do manage to do some shopping, to be honest). Sometimes you eat with your eyes, which is a bit of my principle when I shop. I like to do window shopping – you know, to stroll around, stop here & there, check out news, new colors, certain pattern mix, a particular angle of a wall, floor material – things that  happens automatically. Whilst I don’t miss the actual purchase, when needed.

bobedre Low section that separates the kitchen & dining area / bobedre

bymildredClassic model / bymildred

vogsesparisWhite with wood top / vogsesparis

tumblr.comNeat reliable design / tumblr.com

cushandnooksSharp green eye catcher / cushandnooks

desiretoinspire Several low cabinets in a row / desiretoinspire

skandiumSuper stylish / skandium

scandiconceptStylish solution under the window & along the wall / scandiconcept

79ideasSimple & suitable in most environments / 79 ideas

remymeijers.nlIntegrated built in solution / remymeijers.nl

interiorsporn.tumblr.comLow solution that is practical inside & on top / interiorsporn.tumblr.com

miathesuperordinary.blogspotSimple solution on wheels / miathesuperordinary.blogspot

designattractorWall mounted solution / designattractor

pinterest.comLow & along the wall with space for all types of object / pinterest.com

wabisabiSolid sturdy bench with storage  & a piece of art / wabisabi

Take care / Marie

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Open sesame

Storage – with simplicity, stylish & functional solutions, it’s no easy task to achieve. It’s not always that cheap either. Using cabinets with doors combined with open storage is a good solution. Closed storage for things that you don’t want to be seen & highlight your everyday objects – in good order. They should be easy to reach & easy to use. Whether it’s for the kitchen or for other rooms. It should be easy for you to live your everyday life.

An alternative is to maximize with shelves either on consoles or screwed directly into the wall. It’s super stylish & super easy. Keep it together in one place & not all over the place. Letting things lie visible creates a homely feel depending on how you make it or how well you do it. Or else, the impression might be messy instead of interesting or inspiring. The amount of variations & solutions is endless … use your creativity & adapt after your needs. I am right now cleaning up & storing things way but also storing things visible. Getting there – slowly 🙂


Cabinets with doors at the bottom & open storage at the top / fantasticfrank


Industrial look with everything visible / sanna&sania


Crafts cabinet for the creative. By the way, if you haven’t looked into the blog mokkasin, so do it. You will not be disappointed / mokkasin


Divided areas on two levels makes it more limited & surfaces easier to use / atelierueverte


One way is to keep material together / sanctuary


Closed cabinet with things stacked in a row on top / google.com


Stacked on one side & simpler on the other but still balanced / pinterest.com


Neatly in rows in simple cabinets with shelves / annagillar


Super neat with white shelves, white tiles& white porcelain / trendhome


Charming style & makes everything visible more homey / boligpluss


Graphic styling with selected materials / lamaisond’annag


Simple & eye catching / micasaessucasa


Adjust & customize to your corner / livethemma


Use the space along the height to get a good overview as well as more space on the floor / make-living


Here, an adult version / lamaisond’annag

Take care / Marie

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