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Delightful antique sofa with its original upholstery. A pure work of art & a rarely seen sight nowadays. A craft that should be handled with love.

Credit: expressen.se
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I’m a lot into bedding right now. Here aesthetically simple bed making in white with futons – a craft that is not so common nowadays.

houseofhipsters / tumblr


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, tower block

I love this homemade tower block. It reminds me of the days when we built & created a great deal, with our boys when they were little. They loved to do carpentry, cut in paper & in fabrics & to paint – and surprisingly often, with unbelievably great results.¬†Probably because it was genuinely made ‚Äč‚Äčby small clumsy hands & with much love & admiration by the parents.

fancy.com/ fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Open sesame

Storage – with simplicity, stylish & functional solutions, it’s no easy task to achieve. It’s not always that cheap either.¬†Using cabinets with doors combined with open storage is a good solution. Closed storage for things that you don’t want to be seen & highlight your everyday objects – in good order.¬†They should be easy to reach & easy to use. Whether it’s for the kitchen or for other rooms.¬†It should be easy for you to live your everyday life.

An alternative is to maximize with shelves either on consoles or screwed directly into the wall. It’s super stylish & super easy.¬†Keep it together in one place & not all over the place.¬†Letting things lie visible creates a homely feel depending on how you make it or how well you do it. Or else,¬†the impression might be messy instead of interesting or inspiring.¬†The amount of variations & solutions is endless … use your creativity &¬†adapt after your needs. I am right now cleaning up & storing things way but also storing things visible. Getting there – slowly ūüôā


Cabinets with doors at the bottom & open storage at the top / fantasticfrank


Industrial look with everything visible / sanna&sania


Crafts cabinet for the creative. By the way, if you haven’t looked into the blog mokkasin, so do it. You will not be disappointed¬†/ mokkasin


Divided areas on two levels makes it more limited & surfaces easier to use / atelierueverte


One way is to keep material together / sanctuary


Closed cabinet with things stacked in a row on top / google.com


Stacked on one side & simpler on the other but still balanced / pinterest.com


Neatly in rows in simple cabinets with shelves / annagillar


Super neat with white shelves, white tiles& white porcelain / trendhome


Charming style & makes everything visible more homey / boligpluss


Graphic styling with selected materials /¬†lamaisond’annag


Simple & eye catching / micasaessucasa


Adjust & customize to your corner / livethemma


Use the space along the height to get a good overview as well as more space on the floor / make-living


Here, an adult version /¬†lamaisond’annag

Take care / Marie

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