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Textile designer

A large exhibition, “Wanja Djanaieff and her twenty-two favorite colors” is now shown at Marabouparken art gallery, displaying her work through the ages & confirms her as one of Sweden’s most influential textile designers.

Wanja was born February 1941 & almost completely unknown to most people, but not her patterns. During the 1960s & 70s, she drew hundreds of textile patterns for clothes, furniture & fabrics, which were used & spread all over Sweden.

Her work became known to a wide audience when she designed clothes for the Swedish Olympic team in Munich in 1972. The pattern with yellow crowns on a blue background becomes Djanaieff’s perhaps most famous work.

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Retro and edgy – an apartment loft with colourful art. Exciting & interesting look & design. And colorful art as a statement.

Credit: retrodesign | Instagram
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Isaac GrĂŒnewald

Painter, Illustrator & designer, born 1888 – studied art at in Stockholm. Influenced by the atmosphere of creative freedom & admiration for French painting, he continued his studies in the Studio of his admired Matisse.

The influence of the French master was instrumental in the formation of vivid color palette that distinguished his work. Another master, Paul CĂ©zanne, contributed to GrĂŒnewald’s rigour geometrical in drawing, to simple geometric forms. Some of his most famous works are Portrait of Ivan in an armchair & Bullfighting.

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I have such a penchant for art & preferably a little older dates. Portrait is interesting & exciting of course. With and without frames – from different eras.

Credit: designsponge.com
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Swedish painter

Nils Dardel is a post-impressionist Swedish painter. He was born October 1888 in Södermanland, Sweden & he died in New York May 1943.
His life was hectic & dandy-like. He studied at the Stockholm Royal Academy of Arts & moved to Paris in 1910, and while in Paris, he traveled to North Africa, Japan, Peru, Mexico & New York.
He married Baroness Thora Klinkowström in 1921, a Swedish artist living in Paris as well. Modigliani made her portrait in 1918.
(Also one of my favourite painter).

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