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Nice details

A nice place room nice details, with gray base, old and new frames and a small splash of colour.  The round table softens the whole impression. 



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Wall colours

Change with simple means it is said, AND it can truly be done, just by painting the walls, or paint a wall in two colors, as on this image.




Take care / Marie

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Alcro (alcro.se)

Alcro Colour has over a hundred years of experience in paint & painting. The company is known for their carefully selected & environmentally sound products, colours & tips for consumers – and a blog with a lots of inspiration.

I fell for this image, one of hundreds to be inspired of – take a look at their website when time permits at, trend.alcro.se


Take care / Marie

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Traditional rustic furniture with some things arranged in a fine collection – with natural light that filters through and makes the picture somewhat poetic.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, timeless

Even though this interior have the usual white floors & walls that I have a special fondness for, it’s an immense difference in style. It’s classic with those chandeliers & the painting on the wall. It’s quite timeless & looks good with contemporary furniture.


Take care / Marie

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