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Falu-red colour

Falu red – a color we love ❤️ & it’s never as current as during the summer with all the red cottages suddenly in focus. The Sweden we know today has a lot to thank Falu Mines for. Copper was mined there for over a thousand years before the mine closed. That’s where Falu Red color was born, the color that’s become a hallmark for Sweden.

The history of the red color begins in the 16th century when the Swedish king wanted the roof of his castle to be made of copper, as in the really large castles in Europe. But copper for an entire castle roof was too expensive, so the solution was to dye the roof with red paint made from pigments from Falu Mine – which almost looked like copper.

In the early 18th century, the red color continued to be very exclusive, having a red-painted house was a status symbol. It was therefore common for the side of the house facing the road to be painted red, so the houses along the entire main street were red, while the alleys & walls towards the courtyards were left colourless.

There’s no other country where the color of a house ties the population together as this red color ties Sweden & Swedes together. Most people here has a relationship with some kind of red cabin today, centuries later.

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Attractive mix

Styling done with stylish materials & color combination – concrete, copper & tiles in an attractive mix.




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Light bulbs

Copper, brass, glass, cables, lights – a lot of material in simple little thing that produces light. Design & construction which is lovely to look at in addition to the function.



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Glass lamp

Black frames with black and white graphics and a fantastic glass lamp.

Transparent glass shade, with a fine knob at the top and copper holder on the inside.


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Wall light

Wall lights, with one thing in common – super stylish! Brass, copper, black, white, red – there’s a place for everyone depending on the function you seek. We are in need of wall lights in almost every room but lack of time & energy, makes it challenging to get things done right now. And with spring & summer ahead, I’m guessing that not much much will happen in this area.


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