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Daily inspiration, architecture

A slightly odd or unusual placement of windows and use of materials. Nice with copper window that follows around the corner. A brick building in modern exciting architecture!


Take care / Marie

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Wall light

Wall lights, with one thing in common – super stylish!¬†Brass, copper, black, white, red – there’s a place for everyone depending on the function you seek. We are in need of wall lights in almost every room but lack of time & energy, makes it challenging to get things done right now. And with spring & summer ahead, I’m guessing that not much much will happen in this area.


staffantollgard via pinterest.comstaffantollgard via pinterest.com







cushandnook via bloglovin.comcushandnook via bloglovin.com



seventeendoors seventeendoors via bloglovin.com


Take care / Marie


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Daily inspiration, downpipes

It was instant love when I found this image. It’s not a common thing to use copper to downpipes.¬†They are well made, sturdy & adds a further dimension to the house with the grey facade.¬†Who could have imagined that I would fall for downpipes & find them inspiring ūüôā


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, copper

How about a picture with copper material today – beautiful ceiling lamps in shiny polished steel with a warm shimmering colour.


Take care / Marie

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I would exaggerate if I said that¬†copper is one of my favourite material. It’s beautiful of course &¬†I’ve had a some copper over the years. Copper has been one of the material that has appeared virtually everywhere for a long time now. I think by all means that it is stylish but have no need to use it myself.

There is only two that I think are good looking, of all the pictures I found.  The image with concrete & copper Рperhaps mostly because of the lighting, which makes the whole picture more exciting. And the last one with the workplace in black & copper lamp.

pinterest.com:Stardu5t:A long line of candle holder in copper / pinterest.com:Stardu5t:

pinterest.com:kedonkukka:Styling / pinterest.com:kedonkukka:

pinterest.com:jvanniel:j-adore:copper confettiCopper confetti / pinterest.com:jvanniel

pinterest.com:nancyinpinkGlobes in different height Рbeautiful pendants / pinterest.com:nancyinpink

pinterest.com:ilariamafessoni:Pipes, among other /  pinterest.com:ilariamafessoni:

pinterest.com:femhaan:Copper & concrete, nice combination / pinterest.com:femhaan:

pinterest.com:Dodokal:Let it shine on you / pinterest.com:Dodokal:

pinterest.com:andremuneraMarble & copper / pinterest.com:andremunera

houseandgarden.co.ukCombined with a dark wall colour & wood / houseandgarden.co.uk

flickr.com:photos:lifespacejourneyClose-up of a beauty / flickr.com:photos:lifespacejourney

desiretoinspire.netRustic with splendour / desiretoinspire.net

arcpr.co.ukInspiring wall / arcpr.co.uk

camillestyles.comTransformed copper pipes / camillestyles.com

barefootstyling.com:Thin & squiggly coat hangers / barefootstyling.com:

aprilandmaystudio.blogspot.fi:Copper & black / aprilandmaystudio.blogspot.fi

Take care / Marie

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