I would exaggerate if I said that copper is one of my favourite material. It’s beautiful of course & I’ve had a some copper over the years. Copper has been one of the material that has appeared virtually everywhere for a long time now. I think by all means that it is stylish but have no need to use it myself.

There is only two that I think are good looking, of all the pictures I found.  The image with concrete & copper – perhaps mostly because of the lighting, which makes the whole picture more exciting. And the last one with the workplace in black & copper lamp. long line of candle holder in copper / / confettiCopper confetti / in different height – beautiful pendants /, among other / & concrete, nice combination / it shine on you / & copper / with a dark wall colour & wood / of a beauty /

desiretoinspire.netRustic with splendour / wall /

camillestyles.comTransformed copper pipes / & squiggly coat hangers / & black /

Take care / Marie

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2 thoughts on “Copper

  1. That sounds interesting. Any pic’s to share?


  2. Copper and rose gold are so pretty in the house right now!


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