Daily inspiration, Mariefred

How about a nice or rather beautiful photo of the place where we lived before we moved to Australia. It is a tremendous contrast between a historic Swedish small town to a multi-million city like Sydney. Small town might be an exaggeration, a small village perhaps but with an incredible small town spirit that draws in everyone into getting involved in all sorts of activities. It’s a bit like in midsummer murders but with the important difference that no one gets murdered, thankfully 🙂

We lived there for five years & made many, many friends, so our boys sees Mariefred as their hometown where they have all their childhood friends. If you ever visit Sweden, make it your task to at least try to visit a historical city with much to see & do. During the summer you can take the steamer from Stockholm, which is an experience like no other.

imariefred.nu/ imariefred.nu

Take care / Marie

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3 thoughts on “Daily inspiration, Mariefred

  1. I really appreciate your feedback, thank you 🙂 So you made it to Sweden & Stockholm – happy that you liked it. Stockholm to me, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Maybe you one day if you return, you could do a trip to Mariefred. I am sure you would love it.


  2. Thank you for nice feedback, I really appreciate it. Don’t rely on my english too much, I use Google & other sites to translate as well as possible 🙂 Stockholm is a beautiful city & it would have been a nice contrast to visit Mariefred also. But maybe one day, who knows.


  3. barbara says:

    Hello, at first i want to thank you for this beautiful very interesting blog where you can find a little bit of all what i love,but not only for this,it helps me to improve my english.I live in Italy.Two years ago i went in Stockholm for a holiday and i will have this magic city for ever in my hearth.Thanks for speaking about Mariefred we wanted go there but you know …time is not always enough …but if we will return in Sweden be sure that i will visit it. Bye Bye


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