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Old & new

Old building, low ceilings, beautiful wooden details including the nice floor and decorated with personality and style in a charming mix of old & new.


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Daily inspiration, brown details

A comfortable room with a simple expression, just a few furniture but much detail. Beautiful with white as the base, wood, old & new, and a lot of brown accents, which heats up & creates comfort.

behance.net/ behance.net

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, loft

An image from a charming loft in Amsterdam – with a personal mix of furniture of old & new. The cornice in black for the lighting holds together the whole, which makes it easier when the ceiling lights & other décor also are in black. Black & white with the addition of worn leather armchair, old wooden box, blue table & oriental rug – it sure is nice, right? 

turbulences-deco.fr/ turbulences-deco.fr 

Take care / Marie 

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