From time to time I get stuck sometimes for prints & illustrations with simple, graphic & sometimes almost childish motives or traits. There’s something about them that makes them more personal & appealing. Not that I don’t like big well crafted paintings & artwork … but it’s maybe more about the innermost inspiration for the simple, somewhat cartoon & occasionally unfinished. Sometimes it can get to be black & white, sketched & maybe with an accent colour.

Other times it interesting with a lot of colour … but still on a limited scale & in collage form, perhaps. Such as further down on this post with the colourful postcards or posters, but still with the childish playful style. Illustrative, simple, cartoon sketch or animated graphic image that takes its place, regardless of size & fills the home with joy. / Scandinavian talented illustrator, / one of my favourite characters, / Paris illustration, Paris-Montmartre-art, / exciting illustration, / delightful style, / print from original water-colour & pen, fashion illustration by Jessica Durrant, / create with postcards & small pictures, / talent / surrounded by forest, / simplicity

desiretoinspire desiretoinspire / graphic delight, / great graphic expression, / simple idea, / reminds of the old school posters & they are adorable, / Basic colours & simple expression,

Take care / Marie

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2 thoughts on “Illustrative

  1. Yes, they are really lovely 🙂


  2. ghetran says:

    Lovely! I loved all the Paris ones!


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