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Facades, streets with houses after houses after houses with wonderful old, as well as new, facades. That transforms a walk, at any time, into a little adventure.


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South Kensington

A big part of traveling is the enrichment of experiencing places different as one usually experiences in their daily lives. Houses and buildings are of course an important part that tells their story through their architecture – whether it may be similar or very different.



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Burnt pastel colours that works well together & looks amazing. 



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Street art

We are hired as private drivers, part-time, usually involuntarily & unprepared – I may not have told you that! It’s various activities, dinners, gigs & other we are asked to drive our boys to, and it’s unpredictable. To put it nicely – we get to see places we otherwise wouldn’t. Different suburbs, neighbourhoods & areas where they usually meet with friends.

So in other words, inspiration from the streets today – it’s not about aesthetics, it’s about peoples creativity. The way people can change the street scene, not through architecture but by being ingenious in a simple, down to earth-way. What’s exciting is that it can turn up anywhere & unexpected. It makes me think about the person behind & the reasoning. I call it street art, where others might look at it as clutter or graffiti…perhaps.

ginandbird.tumblr.com/ ginandbird.tumblr.com

streetartutopiaLove you too / streetartutopia

tumblr.comA crack becomes a spider web / tumblr.com

tumblr.com Bicycle parking with joy / tumblr.com

tumblr.comThe Leaning Tower of Pisa / tumblr.com

pinterest.comNice stair decoration with a homey feeling / pinterest.com

memolition.comA tiny speck that keeps the streets clean / memolition.com

memolition.comColourful characters with twinkle in the eye / memolition.com

photobucket.comLook up! / photobucket.com

imcallingshots.tumblr.comWhat was once was meant, means something else now / imcallingshots.tumblr.com

google imagesSomeone is a passionate knitter / google images

fancy.comDices among cobbles / fancy.com

evysinspirations.tumblr.comThere’s a view,  with or without windows / evysinspirations.tumblr.com

fancy.com:katyakirnovaConstant watering / fancy.com:katyakirnova

fancy.comCurly hair / fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Black lodging

It struck me the other day that it’s not particularly common with black houses. Thus black façades, the very dark soot-blackened façades. Can certainly be found here & there in specific areas. Properly done, it is really beautiful with black buildings that stand out in the public visual noise. Some buildings & houses can get a majestic dignity. Black houses beautifies wherever they turn up, whether it’s in town, the countryside, along the coast or in isolated areas. Let us see what you think. I am very fond anyway.

rumid.dkAn oasis in the greenery / rumid.dk

remodelista.comA black ship has landed / remodelista.com

myfavoriteandmybest.comA nice black corner / myfavoriteandmybest.com

l-e-m-i-n-i-m-a-l-i-s-m-e.tumblr.comA facade that stands out / l-e-m-i-n-i-m-a-l-i-s-m-e.tumblr.com

kkas.sakura.neInspired by the Leaning Tower of Pisa / kkas.sakura.ne

googleimageA dark upper part / googleimage

frenchbydesign.blogspot.seIt is possibly an extension – nice with black & white / frenchbydesign.blogspot.se

fancyIt’s important to stand out in the crowd, sometimes / fancy.com

dwell.comWelcome to my castle, well the livingroom / dwell.com

dezeen_Prastgarden-by-Arkitema-ArchitectsPrastgarden by Arkitema Architects / dezeen.com

designsponge.comBlack matt facade paint / designsponge.com

dezeen.comA architectural cubic in black & glass / dezeen.com

designinspiration.netA razor sharp creation / designinspiration.net

delikatessen.comBlack horizontal lengths / delikatessen.com

sunhouse.fiBlack, on the waterfront / sunhouse.fi

Take care / Marie

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