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We all have a favourite corner somewhere where we like to sit outside when the sun shines. It may look anyhow, it’s not that important, but the actual location has to be pleasant.


Take care / Marie

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It’s something romantic with rooftops, chimneys, houses around – where you are close to the sky and the stars. You are isolated but still close to the neighbors and surrounding residents. You have your space where no one can see you or interfere – a bit like when building huts as a child.


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Daily inspiration, balcony

An open door out to the back – a nice feeling that I experience daily with an early breakfast or just a book & something cold to drink. It’s a great feeling of freedom to be so close to nature, even though I can hear the traffic, if I make an effort a bit – but I don’t!

pinterest.com pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, mosquito net

I posted a balcony theme a while ago & you were many who came back about more of this type of images. I thought this one was rather nicely styled. A great small space with brick wall, nice outdoor furniture, plants & stylish textiles. Plus the mosquito net that makes it feel like your own corner, in your own little world.

nylonpinksy.tumblr.com/ nylonpinksy.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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We usually pull off on our bikes to explore various suburbs now & then. There’s always a lot to see & discover & lately I have noticed various residential buildings with balconies of all kinds. (not that I haven’t seen balconies before but anyway). Some of them do not even look useful, others merely because it contributes to the architecture & some, far too large for the building itself. It seems to be very popular with balconies with translucent glass, in most newly constructed areas. I am not thinking of apartment building but private houses.

Well, I guess it’s ok, I’m just not particularly fond of them. But no matter what size really, there are so many good ways to decorate the space so that fits any lifestyle or need. There has never been so varied & well designed range – economically, expensive, sparingly, for a small area, or spacious, by all means, it’s just to review the surface & decide what you want. As for balconies, yes, there is something special about them. What do you think?

skonahem.comBalcony with black wood flooring & a little different seating / skonahem.com

minimist.tumblr.comModern balconies with wood & glass doors / minimist.tumblr.com

miss-designA cozy corner / miss-design

1kindesign.tumblr.comWith view over the rooftops / 1kindesign.tumblr.com

chrommium.tumblr.comLovely with an extended surface / chrommium.tumblr.com

quinten14 viafBalcony indoors / quinten14 via fancy.com

maletrends.tumblr.comAdorable architecture with artistic wrought iron railings in black /  maletrends.tumblr.com

myparadissi.comAn expanded sleeping space / myparadissi.com

inside-homes.tumblr.comBeautiful space with view / inside-homes.tumblr.com

google.comTransparent “patios” / google.com

feelinspiredWood & white / feelinspired

bungalowclassic.tumblr.comSurrounded by vegetation / bungalowclassic.tumblr.com

erzando.tumblr.comGraphically inspired / erzando.tumblr.com

fancy.comA paradise / fancy.com

beanfield.tumblr.comHidden corner / beanfield.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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