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Untreated wooden floor, brick wall, white room & simple furnishings – also with an opened door out to the patio & surrounding greenery – it sure is very nice, 



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, kitchen

A well planned space with room for different activities without getting too crowded or messy. Modern but somewhat rustic with visible brick wall and large windows with plenty of natural light. The white floor contributes to the airy feel too.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, kitchen design

A cool kitchen which has a super thoughtful design with a lot of invisible elements that give a sense of something new & different. Industrial style with the right attributes & material selection. The brick wall does its part too. Design: Tom Dixon

blog.thedpages.com:tom-dixon-maison-objet-designer-of-the-year/ blog.thedpages.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, mosquito net

I posted a balcony theme a while ago & you were many who came back about more of this type of images. I thought this one was rather nicely styled. A great small space with brick wall, nice outdoor furniture, plants & stylish textiles. Plus the mosquito net that makes it feel like your own corner, in your own little world.

nylonpinksy.tumblr.com/ nylonpinksy.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Another brick in the wall / 147

Hej friends,

I’ve been out  on a city tour with some friends & Sydney’s suburbs are full of beautiful & exciting brick houses & buildings. Our first house was in red brick, even though we said, anything but a brick house. It turned out well anyhow & we lived there long enough to renovate the entire house before we moved. I have not always been particularly fond of brick as material. Maybe because I felt that those houses was cold & without soul when I was younger. I grew up in a society that largely consisted of wooden houses, since it was traditionally, the material used in the construction industry …& that still is. What else can you expect from a country that is covered by forest. I love wood in all kinds of shapes, it’s an unbeatable material.

We once had a recreation room with a red brick wall around the fireplace while the other walls were pine paneling. I thought long to paint the brick wall white, but never got started, I think deep down, I wanted to keep the natural red brick as it was. That said, it’s nice with brick houses but I also think it’s exciting to let a brick wall be visible, in a room together with other materials. It adds another dimension, an additional structure that provides warmth & character. Let’s take a look at the different interiors below…

Such a nice feature wall in natural stone that looks so good with white furniture / Ustagerimez

Yet another image with white furniture but here’s the bricks in white too / Countryliving

A great brick wall in burned blacks & browns / Nomad

Fantastic stone floor in grey-black to an incredibly fine masonry wall in grey / Bobedre

 A red brick wall that goes so well against the white ceiling, the birch bench board & black floor / Prepfection

Fabulous with the fresh appearance – high ceiling, arched shape plus white & black furniture / Pinterest

It is quite enough with a wall piece as well, it becomes a nice touch in the room / Stockholmvitt

Talk about beautiful interior with built in appliances in black & the kitchen island. It’s just great / Rantala

Light & fresh environment with bricks that creates some warmth with its colour & structure / The Fancy

A wonderful room with wooden roof where the masonry fireplace becomes the centre piece / Atlantahomesmag via Justbesplendid

I seem to unconsciously select images with a lot of white but I have say that it looks good together with the burnt brick colour / Desiretoinspire

Good use of the space under the stairs with the bar & the exciting brick wall / Frenchbydesign

Small but effecient space with a wonderful floor & exposed bricks / Designedforlife

Nice & exciting combination / Frenchbydesign

Take care / Marie

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