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There’s many trends & loads of styles. But the personal & unique decor is often the one that attracts & appeals precisely because it’s based on someone’s personal taste.

Credit: altinterior
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A lot

A lot of patterns & materials – and yet they work well together. It’s nice with personally chosen precious possessions sharing a common area with respect for each other.

Credit: Natalie Gisborne | Pinterest
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A personal interior style with a lot of black & white plus details that stand out, which makes the whole room captivating. Nice!

Credit: milstenshuset
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A personal creative home with an exiting eclectic touch that’s located in Mexico. The brick wall fits well with the mixed interior style.

Credit: Houseandgardenuk

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Daily inspiration, vest

You need intuition, to be able to select an ensemble similar to this & make it appealing. The vest in itself, would look ordinary & maybe out of style, if not a talented person got it right. Not everyone would appreciate this but it’s nevertheless very personal…and I like it!

thedenimindustry.tumblr.com/ thedenimindustry.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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